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We are a team of lawyers with years of experience working on highly complex projects for the most demanding clients.

We provide legal services for business and the public sector, advising both leader Polish investors and international concerns.

What sets us apart:

#Effectiveness, because we keep looking until we find a solution - and often find it where others would have given up.

#Attitude, because very often it is determination and 120% engagement that make the difference between winning and losing.

#Innovation, not only because we are at the cutting edge technologically, but also because we take a fresh view of every case, looking for opportunities to identify and respond to threats ahead of time.

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There’s a revolution going on in legal services.

Aware of clients’ changing needs and of how our services can support business, in parallel with the activities of our law firm we are running a separate project under the working title of #LWWsolutions.

Our startup will be a modern consulting firm built as a platform for reputable, independent specialists who have unique knowledge and significant professional experience; they will provide interdisciplinary support in every area of running medium-sized and large companies.


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Restructuring of Calypso Fitness S.A. and sale of fitness clubs to Benefit Systems

We are extremely pleased to announce that the final closing of a multi-stage and complex restructuring transaction of the Calypso Fitness group, in which we advised the group and its majority shareholder, has taken place in recent days.

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Acquisition of Polish Properties by RINA Prime Value Services

We are delighted to announce that our law firm had advised RINA Prime Value Services, real estate valuation arm of Italian RINA holding, on the acquisition of Polish Properties.

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Acquisition of Saturn Fitness by Benefit Systems

We have been involved in legal advice related to fitness market consolidation for years. Since 2015, we have completed more than a dozen transactions, including the largest, in terms of value and number of clubs acquired.

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Building and protecting the value of your business

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Case Studies

We invite you to familiarise yourself with projects we have completed or are working on now that we believe best reflect how we work.


We are a dynamic team with enormous experience working on highly complex projects for the most demanding clients.